Most people may have dismissed Irvin's been a titan already due to him losing an arm, but from what I had gathered, it wasn't just me who found something fishy about the guy.

What are the chances that, if Irvin was indeed a titan, he is one that can control his regeneration. Just as Annie could control the hardening of her skin?

Irvin losing an arm without it regeneration doesn't necessarily kill off any chances of him being a shifter.

I say this because it has been stated that all titans regenerate from reflex, however the soldiers who saw Annie forcibly concentrate on one eye in order to regenerate faster were all killed, thus no one knows that titans can potentially manipulate thier regeneration.

For example, after Eren and Ymir's capture, both of them were simply 'waiting' for their limbs to generate, even though Riener did make it so that it would be harder for them to do so, it still explains that the other shifters are incapable of doing what Annie could.

In an Online Article, Hajime Isayama, the author of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on titan) has revealed the series to end in 20 volume. Here's the link to the article.

it's not clear if it's 20 more volume or if it's ending on volume 20. I'm going to assure the ending on volume 20 since it's a nice even number of chapters.

Since the volumes are roughly around 4 chapters each, and we're on volume 11, we can assume that there will be at least 36+ more chapters of attack on titan. Meaning the series will end somewhere around chapter 100+.

While I'm upset about the anime Ignoring some parts of the manga, I still feel like the AoT anime is one of my favorite series to watch.

What are your thoughts on the first season of Attack on Titan Anime?

Attack On titan Before The Fall chapter 0 prologue.

Have you ever read something that didn’t make sense to you?
Something that was just shown but has NEVER attempted to be explained.
I understand that Mangaka’s are limited by the length of their pages, chapter, and story.
They’re always some kind of trade off between keeping the story going, and stopping it to explain what’s going on, how it happened, and how does this work. We are taught to ask question, to be curious about everything, while be respectful towards others views. So here is my question to you.
What questions you are hoping to be answered in the future of the Attack on Titan series?

Remember anything is possible so long as there is a Reasonable setup, and there is no such thing as a Plot Hole in a series that has not ended.

is anyone here curios as to how levy joined the recon forces? he seems the uncontrollable type but somehow irwin won him over hope they cover this in the manga :)

It seems that after reading stuff over that this village that Reiner, Berthdolt, and Annie came from, a vollage of warriors, is where most of the titan sbifters originated from. Since Ymir was able to steal the titans power from there, it would seem to me that this is the source of whatever turns humans into titans and has been for a long time ( at least 60 years ) that being said does anyone else think that this village may have been the source of mankinds destruction, or could be?

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who the real enemy in attack on titan ? Theory please..